Laravel RSS

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在 composer.json 加入 ( 視版本調整)

"laravelium/feed": "6.*"


Route::get('feed', function(){

    // create new feed
    $feed = App::make("feed");

    // multiple feeds are supported
    // if you are using caching you should set different cache keys for your feeds

    // cache the feed for 60 minutes (second parameter is optional)
    $feed->setCache(60, 'laravelFeedKey');

    // check if there is cached feed and build new only if is not
    if (!$feed->isCached())
       // creating rss feed with our most recent 20 posts
       $posts = \DB::table('posts')->orderBy('created_at', 'desc')->take(20)->get();

       // set your feed's title, description, link, pubdate and language
       $feed->title = 'Your title';
       $feed->description = 'Your description';
       $feed->logo = 'http://yoursite.tld/logo.jpg';
       $feed->link = url('feed');
       $feed->setDateFormat('datetime'); // 'datetime', 'timestamp' or 'carbon'
       $feed->pubdate = $posts[0]->created_at;
       $feed->lang = 'en';
       $feed->setShortening(true); // true or false
       $feed->setTextLimit(100); // maximum length of description text

       foreach ($posts as $post)
           // set item's title, author, url, pubdate, description, content, enclosure (optional)*
           $feed->add($post->title, $post->author, URL::to($post->slug), $post->created, $post->description, $post->content);


    // first param is the feed format
    // optional: second param is cache duration (value of 0 turns off caching)
    // optional: you can set custom cache key with 3rd param as string
    return $feed->render('rss');


$ php artisan config:clear



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